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Synchronicity is everywhere. It’s a funny thing when you meet the right people that fit our 11:11 festival so perfectly. The same mindset and all of them individuals with a great personality and creative skills. We welcome them with open…

Kim-Madeleine Bollebakker

Combined interviews 11:11 Festival 2014 (part 1)

Always wondering what 11:11 festival was all about? Well, hereby we present to you the first part of our mini-documentary, interviewed by 365mag.com. Including interviews with dj’s who’ll be playing at our tipi-stage. Enjoy and namaste.

11:11 meaning

The magical meaning of 11:11

Have you been seeing this double digits everywhere? Well it is no coincidence. More and more people are starting to see these numbers everywhere. 11:11 is typically a gateway number. It indicates that either your connection to the universe has…